We bring together employers in games, animation and visual effects (VFX), training providers and awarding bodies. Together we develop qualifications and courses that truly meet today's industry needs.

We team up with employers up and down the UK, big and small, across the fields of games, animation and VFX. Leading employers that we work with include Framestore, Centroid 3D, Blue Zoo, Ubisoft Reflections, Microsoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’, Double Negative, Flipbook and Opposable Games.

Working with employers helps us to pinpoint industry needs and skills gaps. Together we develop qualifications and courses that meet them perfectly. Employer steering groups advise us as we write new qualifications. Then we commission training providers to deliver the courses.

We work with a growing roster of further education colleges to provide the courses. The colleges are handpicked and approved by industry for their facilities, teaching staff and performance.

NextGen works closely with awarding bodies, such as AIM Awards, to design the qualifications. We also work with BIS to develop the Apprenticeships we offer with industry employers, and with higher education institutions to develop CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses.