Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process for tracking your workplace skills, knowledge and experience, so you can reflect on your needs and set your own goals. It's important for individuals and businesses alike.

NextGen knows from its research that employers often struggle to find suitable and recommended training courses for their staff. In response to this, NextGen has developed the Training Course Advisor which provides a database of relevant training courses with reviews and recommendations from industry professionals who have attended the courses.

We also research skills issues. We identify skills gaps, the missing skill sets an individual has, and skills shortages, the job roles which are hard for employers to fill. And we listen to businesses about what training formats work best for them.

Where there isn't adequate training provision to close these skills gaps, we devise and deliver highly targeted NextGen training. While our Training Course Advisor brings together training courses that employers can use in one easy-to-search tool.

Where there aren't adequate entry points for a job role, we develop new pathways. These could be in the form of classroom-based courses at schools or Further Education colleges, Higher Apprenticeships or training courses.