Marie Dealessandri from MCV Magazine recently spoke to Marcia Deakin, our Games Partnership Director, about the importance of supporting, improving and getting UK-educated talent ready for work in the games industry after Brexit. The finished article, University Challenge, features representatives from across education and industry discussing how best to prepare students for work in the game industry. 

The industry led, vocational approach of our NextGen courses and apprenticeships is something that we, AIM Awards, the NextGen college network, and our industry partners truly believe in and can see the results of.

As Marcia says: “There is an incredible pool of talent in our colleges and universities. We regularly visit the 11 colleges in the NextGen Skills Academy network and the employers we work with are astounded at what students can create at the age of 16.

“Brexit has sharpened the focus on the talent pipeline and how we fill the skill gaps and shortages we face. Industry and education need to work together practically to address the issues. Companies can have a huge beneficial effect on vocational education in the UK if they act jointly, rather than as individual businesses.”

You can read the full University Challenge article from page 28 below and see how educators and industry are working together to secure the talent pipeline for the future.

Link: MCV Magazine – November 2018 Issue

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