International Festival of Learning

We’re happy to announce that Marcia Deakin, our Games Partnership Director, is talking at the International Festival of Learning (ILF) on Friday 28th June. In her talk, Marcia will showcase NextGen's model of bringing industry and education together to prepare young people with the skills they need for work.

About the International Festival of Learning

The IFL is more than a one-day event. It's a movement of interconnected people and organisations - all with a common aim - to improve education for the long-term. Underpinned by the Pearson research report - The Future of Skills 2030, the 2019 festival is focused on 'Human Skills in a Technological World' and embraces the DfE challenge to the tech industry to 'revolutionise education', whilst empowering the uniquely human skills that computers can't replace. Managing workload; teacher-training; teaching practices; lifelong learning; re-imagining assessment and of course, leadership - to ensure the strategic and ground-level upgrading of education towards 2030.

“We are proud to be hosting an incredible range of professional development and international insight for thousands of education professionals on 28 June 2019. But, this is much more than a one-day event – it’s an ongoing movement; a growing collective of professionals, volunteers and organisations who are passionate about education. Our intention is to empower all education sectors to confidently tackle the big issues, to collaborate, and to share research and evidence-led practice for tangible on our learners.”