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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the captivating world of games, animation, and visual effects? Look no further! Our immersive virtual work experience programme is designed to introduce students aged 13-19 to the exhilarating world of digital creativity!

Unleash your potential in Games, Animation, and VFX

Our carefully crafted Virtual Work Experience on the Start platform offers an immersive overview of the Games, Animation and VFX industries. There are an array of engaging resources, including insightful video explainers, short quizzes to test your knowledge, and two creative assignments curated by industry experts themselves.

First, you’ll enter into the world of Games Design, where you'll tackle a thought-provoking challenge and learn the fundamentals that bring your favourite games to life. Then, venture into the world of Animation and VFX with our Character Design challenge. Discover the secrets behind creating iconic characters in beloved shows and movies, as you unleash your creativity just like industry professionals do.

Prepare to unlock your creativity and embark on a journey that will leave you inspired and equipped with invaluable insights. Hear from Marcia Deakin, from NextGen Skills Academy, as she reveals why joining this programme is a game-changer. Let the adventure begin!

What you need to know

  • This virtual work experience programme is completely free of charge
  • This programme is tailor-made for students aged 14 to 19, although individuals of any age will find it truly inspiring!
  • You can work through the programme at your own pace and convenience, the Start platform will save your progress
  • As well as completing two challenging briefs, you will gain insights from senior leaders and industry professionals about their companies and job roles
  • Upon successful completion, you'll receive a certificate and a statement to bolster your CV and strengthen education and employment applications
Above: Pip and Posy image courtesy of Blue Zoo
Above: Avengers image courtesy of Framestore

I'm ready to start!

Whether you dream of crafting mesmerizing gaming worlds, bringing characters to life through animation, or conjuring awe-inspiring visual effects, this programme is your gateway to unlocking your creative potential. Follow the button to the right, login or create a new Start profile, and let's go!

Thank you to our industry partners

This programme has been developed in collaboration with the Start platform and acclaimed OSCAR and BAFTA award-winning companies Industrial Light and Magic, Framestore, Centroid, Creative Assembly, Ubisoft, Playground Games, and Blue Zoo. These prestigious names might be new to you, but their exceptional work has undoubtedly captured your attention! Follow the links below and be inspired by some of the best studios in the world!

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