Jonah Kirtley

3D Environment Art

Sunderland College

Class of 2021

If you are reading this, first of all, hi...I'm Jonah and I love Video Games, Superheroes and Art. I'm a 3D Environment Artist who is extremely fascinated by the medium of video games and the way that we tell stories using them. During my time at Sunderland College, on the NextGen course, I discovered my love for 3D modelling and decided to specialize in the Environment aspect of this as I love the ability to both implicitly and explicitly evoke a mood within the audience and ultimately immerse them within that world.
The chosen piece was a submission to the Grads in Games competition that I completed this year and allowed me to use everything that I had learned on the course- from documentation to technical processes- and apply it to my chosen specialism. It was also my first time in UE4, so I'm proud of it.
Below you will find a video of our team Synoptic Project 'Project Sorcerer' (I was the Character Artist, project and Art Lead for this project).

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