NextGen joins Access:VFX for Penketh South Primary School’s Games Jam

Following a request on Twitter last month to Access:VFX from the Year 5 pupils of Penketh South Primary School in Warrington, NextGen was invited to support them and join their Game Jam!

The class, who have been working on basic code in Python, HTML and CSS for 6 months, were visited last week by Marcia Deakin, our Games Partnership Director, who spent an afternoon with the class, designing games & learning about VFX.

Caroline Keep, Makefest Liverpool founder, teacher and one of BIMA's 100 champions for change, said of the Games Jam:

"Access:VFX with Next Generation Skill Academy were so forthcoming to support our primary outreach at Penketh South Primary, and gave us such wonderful support on the game jam day for our youngest members of the community in Warrington. With the creative industry now worth more than 100bn per year, and with the World Economic Forum highlighting 65% of primary school children will have careers that don't exist currently which our education system will fail to prepare them for. The time to highlight industry 4.0 skills and creative careers early on in young people's lives is critical.

“All education systems must be able to be given the opportunity to offer a broad range of experiences to allow our young people to develop interests and skills for this diverse and changeable future. The work Access:VFX and Next Generation Skills Academy are doing is just this. It's amazing to see and the young year 5 students were thrilled to be able to engage with visual effects and game design"

It was an incredibly inspiring afternoon seeing everyone so engaged in creating games, the ones produced were brilliant, creative and very well thought out. Thank you for inviting us along!

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