Pandemonium wins the 1st ever NextGen Game Jam!

The 1st ever NextGen Games Jam saw twelve teams from Sunderland, Uxbridge and Sheffield Colleges take on the challenge to produce a working game from scratch in just 5 days.

The resulting games were judged by Creative Assembly and we’re happy to announce that Pandemonium, a dark futuristic First Person Shooter, was chosen as the overall winner!

Creative Assembly said of Pandemonium: “The dark mechanical setting and atmosphere were compelling with intuitive and interesting gameplay. The level elements were varied, it was challenging, and it looked great!”

Congratulations to Pandemonium creators Bence Franko (Animation), Nathan Richardson (Art), Luke McFarlane (Code) and Liam Rutherford (Art) from Sunderland College for creating such an accomplished game in just 5 days!

The winners will receive a selection of prizes tailored to their consoles/gaming set-up including, game codes from Creative Assembly, PlayStation goody bags with laptop covers, notebooks, pens and t-shirts, and games from Playground Games.

Thank you and congratulations to all the teams that took part in the NextGen Games Jam 2019, it was inspiring and a testament to the talent of our students to see such incredibly creative, and accomplished, games put together in such a short amount of time.

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