Working to WIN - Creating a more equal, diverse, and inclusive industry

Employers - come celebrate with us and highlight our commitment to a more equal, diverse, and inclusive industry!

We are inviting all Creative Industry employers to an evening of fun and inspiration on January 26th 2023. Join us and celebrate successes in promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and be motivated by the work we can do together in the future.

Diversity and Inclusion is vitally important, especially in a city like London. Creativity is stifled if everyone is the same, thinks the same, or imagines the same, all businesses could be improved with a diverse workforce! We want to make sure that what our amazingly vibrant city of London represents is reflected in our workplaces and the art we create. This celebratory night invites you to share your thoughts and feelings, hear from others, and might give you additional perspectives to look at and think over.

The night will be informative, transparent, and hopefully transformational about what you thought the Greater London Authority can do to help increase Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. NextGen will support and give you a chance to ask any questions, should you have any.

The event will be hosted by NextGen’s Creative Hub Programme Manager, Shannice McCalla. Who will go through the initiatives that are being developed, this will combine a night of drinks, food, fun with information and networking opportunities.

We ask that you come with an open mind and to consider the topics as we share our next steps to support employers working towards an equal, diverse, and inclusive creative industry. Food and drinks provided, register for free via the link here: I want to attend Working to WIN

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