VFX Apprentice recruitment is open now, for apprenticeships starting in September 2019. Check out the tips on this page before starting your online application.

Preparing for your application

The online  application form doesn’t allow for starting, stopping and returning to complete it. You’ll need to complete the form in one sitting. Below are some tips on how you can prepare and have everything ready before you apply.

Research the companies and roles

First of all, you can research the employers who have hired apprentices recently. Have a look at their websites and the kind of work they do. VFX Apprenticeship employers include Framestore, DNEG, Bluezoo, The Mill, Jellyfish Pictures, and Electric Theatre Collective.

Next you can check out the VFX Apprenticeship Standards on the Institute for Apprenticeships. There are two roles Assistant Technical Director and Junior 2D Artist. The job in each company will vary, but the content of what you will study is common. Decide which role is best for you.

List Your Qualifications

You’ll need to have a list of your qualifications handy. For A level or Level 3 equivalents (Extended Diplomas, BTECs etc) please give full titles and grades. (eg AIM Awards Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills - Merit, or A Level Maths - C grade). For your GCSEs (Level 2) please list all subjects with grades that you have passed. If you are waiting on results for a qualification please list the subject with ‘grade pending’.

Prepare your portfolio

The most important thing to have ready is a link to your own online portfolio. This could be links to drawings, photos, a short movie, or anything that shows off your creativity and talents. If you’re a coder or mathematician, but you haven’t found a creative outlet for your portfolio, don’t worry! A portfolio doesn’t just have to contain things that you’ve made, but also the things that have inspired you to apply. Just make it clear what is yours and what isn’t and why you’ve included it in your portfolio.

Key Dates

The closing date for applications is the 26th April. Assessment days for the final selection of candidates will be during the week commencing 2nd June 2019

Check out the questions before you apply

The full list of 18 questions is below, so you can prepare your answers before you start the online application. Good luck!

1. Full Name

2. Email address

3. Phone number

4. Current address (please include city and country)

5. Nationality (UK/EU/Other)

6. Which apprenticeship are you applying for?

7. Are you currently in full time education?

8.What level of study is your current course?

9. Please list your educational qualifications (e.g. GCSEs, A-levels, BTECs etc.) below. Please include the grade you have been awarded or expect to be awarded.

10. Have you been a participant or student in any of the following or similarly relevant project?

11. Please provide the details of any relevant work experience or exposure to the industry you have undertaken with a brief description of your duties

12. Please describe any extra-curricular activities that you have been involved in that you feel are relevant to this application.

13. Please provide a link to your portfolio. This could be links to video and/or websites with your artwork, short films, photographs or other materials that you feel are relevant to this application.

14. What interests you the most about an apprenticeship in visual effects utilising technical and creative skills?

15. What is your favourite film, television programme or commercial and why?

16. Which VFX discipline would you like to focus your career on in the future?

17. What makes you stand out and why should employers invite you to attend an assessment day?

18. Employers will be holding an assessment day at a central London location. If you would face any challenges with this then please let us know.

Ready to apply?

Once you've read the tips and you've prepared your portfolio and answers you're ready to apply. Press the button to go to the online application form.