Header image that shows a student looking at a computer screen. The screen contains a 3D block object in Blender that the student is learning to animate.

Train the Trainer - 3D Animation Training Programme for FE and Secondary Students

Unlock the potential of your college students while fostering creativity and innovation in local Secondary Schools. Join 3Dami on their Train the Trainer project, dedicated to inspiring the next generation of 3D animators.

What is the Train the Trainer project?

Train the Trainer is the brainchild of 3Dami to boost confidence and further animation skills in college students, and to offer younger students an opportunity to be taught 3D animation using Blender.

3Dami offer a full structured programme, where your FE students receive professional 3D animation training in class, before they share their expertise by teaching Animation Clubs in local secondary schools for 4-6 weeks. All resources and lesson plans are provided.

Best of all, thanks to funding from ScreenSkills, participation is completely free for everyone involved!

Image show various 3D characters bursting out from the sides of the 3Dami logo. 

The logo has the words 3Dami in orange lettering on a film strip background.
A student from Gateway College points to a large interactive screen in a classroom. They are delivering a 3D animation workshop to younger students. Students from Gateway College teaching 3D animation to younger pupils. They are pointing to a computer screen.
Above: Gateway College students share their skills learnt on Train the Trainer by leading a 3D Animation Workshop for local year 9 students.

Why participate in the Train the Trainer project?

Taking part in the programme and student-led training is a fantastic way to harness your students' talents, maintain relationships with local schools, and provide valuable experiences for pupils. Other benefits include:

For Colleges and Further Education students:

  • Skill enhancement: Your students will have the opportunity to further develop their animation skills in Blender, one of the industry's leading software platforms.
  • Confidence building: Through teaching and presenting, your students will enhance their confidence and leadership abilities, setting them up for success in their future careers.
  • Stronger partnerships: Your college will establish meaningful collaborations with local secondary schools, paving the way for potential students to pursue animation and fostering a sense of community.

For Secondary School Students:

  • Engaging extracurricular activity: Your students will have the chance to explore the exciting world of 3D animation through after-school Animation Clubs.
  • Inspiration from near peers: Being taught by college students who share a passion for animation can be a highly motivating experience, igniting creativity and encouraging young minds to pursue their dreams.
  • Test the waters: Secondary school students can dip their toes into 3D animation with structured support, potentially unlocking hidden talents and passions along the way.
“The 3Dami Train the Trainer ran really well! My learners loved the experience and being able to train others on what they know and show off their skills, they also got an insight into what training and teaching is about and feels like. The students and tutors at the school also loved the sessions, finding them well-paced, practical and very engaging.

“I was able to see how my learner's confidence built up over the course of the weeks, they became more and more confident with presenting and delivering. I was really impressed with my learners and the 3DAmi project. This is definitely something we will continue with this next academic year.”

Adeel Hussain, NextGen Course Leader, Doncaster College
Image shows a portrait photo of Adeel Hussain, NextGen Course Leader at Doncaster College.

Join us in inspiring the next generation of Young Animators!

The Train the Trainer Project by 3Dami is expanding after a highly successful pilot scheme. We are actively seeking more colleges and secondary schools to join this extraordinary programme. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your students and organisation!

To learn more about how you can get involved, email us today via the button and we’ll be in touch. Let's collaborate to inspire the animators of tomorrow.