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What is NextGen RISE?

RISE stands for Remote Industry Studio Experience, an innovative training platform that mimics the workings of a professional creative studio, all in one accessible package! 

In today's fast-evolving creative industries students face complex challenges as they strive to turn their creative talents into a career. NextGen RISE is here to help them overcome these obstacles by providing a learning experience that empowers participants with increased confidence, enhanced technical skills. and a deep understanding of the creative pipeline.

Working with NextGen RISE is a unique opportunity for educators and creative companies to revolutionise the way students gain valuable industry work experience.

Recognising the potential of RISE to change the landscape of work experience opportunities, the platform has received funding from Ufi VocTech Trust and Innovate UK to build on successful pilot projects.

A student wearing a headscarf looks happily to the right of the frame while holding a tablet.
Black male animator drawing at a desk in a creative studio

How does it work?

At NextGen RISE, we've reimagined the traditional approach to creative project collaboration, ensuring an innovative and seamless experience for every project. Here's a glimpse of how our platform works:

Project creation

  • We begin by creating a project tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's games, animation, or visual effects, we will work with you to create the perfect learning opportunity.

Industry-standard tools and resources

  • Once your project is underway, learners will access a comprehensive suite of industry-standard tools and resources all within the NextGen RISE platform. These tools are specifically chosen to closely mimic professional studio workflows, ensuring that your project is developed with the same level of tools found in top creative studios.

Support and feedback every step of the way

  • All learners receive feedback on their work as they go through the project, helping them to learn by doing and actioning professional feedback. A project manager oversees the pipeline and brings everything together to create the final piece of work.

What are the benefits?

For educators

  • Work experience: NextGen RISE allows universities to immerse their students in the vibrant world of animation, visual effects, and games development. As part of a team, students will gain hands-on experience, mirroring the dynamics of a professional studio environment.
  • No geographic limitations: Our platform is not confined by geographical boundaries. Students from around the world can collaborate seamlessly, preparing them for a global creative industry.
  • Skill development: NextGen RISE addresses the industry's demand for job-ready applicants by fostering essential team working, communication, and employability skills.

For creative companies

  • Audition talent: Host bootcamps and discover fresh talent on our platform. Witness how individuals adapt to virtual studio environments and develop their team working skills. NextGen RISE takes the guesswork out of hiring, connecting you with the best creative minds.
  •  Endorsed by experts: NextGen RISE has been developed in partnership with Tom Box, Co-founder of Blue Zoo Animation Studio, to closely replicate the professional studio pipeline. It has undergone extensive testing and refinement during pilot bootcamps with Blue Zoo, yielding amazing results.
White female student looking at her laptop while taking notes during a video call
"I cannot begin to express how invaluable the NextGen RISE bootcamp was in order for me to get a job in animation. It enabled me to learn an awful lot that I feel wouldn't have been possible from just seeking resources online."
Blue Zoo Bootcamp Participant

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