Games design is a cornerstone of all our NextGen courses, creating games involves technical, artistic, creative and practical skills and embody everything NextGen is about. Here we will be highlighting some of the best games created by our students.

(Image: RC Racer by Tazz Graham, Sunderland College)

Bottled Up – BAFTA project by NextGen second year students Luke, Bailey and Nath at Sunderland College

This short piece of gameplay comes from the group synoptic project being created to be submitted to the BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards. This is shaping up really well, you can see the accomplished work of Luke, Bailey and Nath from Sunderland College. We’re really looking forward to following this and seeing the final game!

Imagined Worlds Project - Ryan, Sunderland College

We’re loving this fantastic pixel art style 3D animation work from Ryan at Sunderland College, developed as part of his Imagined Worlds project. This is looking great, we can’t wait to see how Ryan’s work progresses over the course and for the final project.

Gnome Village - Imagined Worlds Project by Sunderland College students

Enjoy a walk through the Gnome Village and discover the creativity, hard work and world building that has gone into this Imagined Worlds project!